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So far no luck with anyone reading this blog. Okay, we'll deal with it. Anyways let!s start off with my story. I used to be a innocemt kind, I think I was innocent i'm not sure if I really were. When I was around 4-5 years old I accidently watched a porno. No, not the whole video, just a glimpse. But eventually I learned about what sex was in young age. Maybe it was due to my mother who would blab (is that even a word) out anything that came in her mouth. Though I new about sex, mensuration and pregency, I never thought about trying it out maybe I was too afraid and young and I was aware about the consequences too. Back when I was in elementary school, life was pretty good, I had friends, not the best friends I'll say but they were pretty alright. At that age I don't know why I would feel angry and heartbroken when my parents had sex. I did not want my father to touch my mother. Yes, I some kind of strange love for her. Okay, maybe not love but it was something else I don't understand what it was but it was something. My parents weren't the best at parenting, they sucked at it pretty much.


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Ahan.! Thank you to those 5 people who read my blog..! Feel free to comment anything. Because you don't know me and there are hardly any chances that i'll get offended. And just in case if anyone were wonders... No I havn't used my real name, I used a friend's name instead.
PS: I decide not to use any name due to privacy reasons.